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             What does the "vision" mean to MyVision members?

“Vision is the art of seeing the invisible."  -  Jonathan Swift


 The regular definition of “invisible” is not being seen or evident.  To me, it can have many different definitions.  It can be a picture created with your imagination that cannot be seen by others.  It can also mean having a space and opportunity to develop something special.

- Ciera Brown


The unspoken words of the broken and inspired;

the lies of the honest and truth of the liars.

The emotion and passion that clouds the air;

reviving relief on the edge of despair.

The abstract possibilities we bring into reality;

each subtle move changing memories' finality.

The difference in the world that is yet to be seen;

fervor bringing it to something more than a dream.

The invisible tosses and changes with everyday;

fading in and out of sight, giving everything away.

Art brings vision to those who blindly see what’s there;

it whispers our subconscious; leaks into the aware.

- Amy Bartlett


I believe the invisible is what everyone knows about but never speaks of. It’s that touchy subject that’s always inappropriate to mention.  We choose to ignore it as if it weren’t there, but it clearly is.  It’s in our face all of the time, but we look the other way.  We pretend it isn’t truly happening; that it doesn’t affect us at all. Therefore, it technically is invisible.  We assume that someone else will handle it.  When we all think that way the problem never gets resolved.  The invisible is an everlasting problem that affects everyone in this world.  The Vision are the people who seek out the invisible rather than hiding from it.  The vision are the few people who feel it is their obligation to make the invisible visible to everyone who refuses it.               - Tyshae Price


The invisible are families in foreign countries with little food, water, and no money.  The children who don’t spend their lives complaining but finding ways to live a little better and to live through another day.  The vision are the people who donate money, run charities and fundraisers, and try to bring those who are invisible into awareness.           - Angel Clardy

The invisible is ignorance to what is actually happening.  It is the words unread between the lines and the verbal irony in someone’s voice.  It lives among us in people, places, in nature or in air.  It’s the things we don’t take notice to and the things we take for granted.  The invisible is what we choose not to see.

- Christie Evans


I believe the invisible is anything that a single person alone can envision, but cannot be seen in the same way by the outside world.  The invisible in Jonathan Swift’s quote is anything outside of the box; envisioning something before it’s actually made, before it is there.

- Kivonnah Patterson


The Invisible is as present and real as the seen, but only the eyes of the mind perceive and understand the invisible.  The invisible is seen through many, most of us in ways we cannot fathom.  The invisible is at first something seemingly unclear, misunderstood and greatly suppressed by one's own doubt.  The invisible is a subconscious realm in which those who pursue it reach a different state of mind; a different state of thinking and understanding.  The invisible is what at first could not be seen, but that is evident in all of our lives.

The invisible marks a path, only a great eye can see… a great eye… a visionary.

- David Glover


The invisible is what an artist sees when standing on a bare stage or staring at a blank canvas.  The invisible is the potential we see through our third eye when looking at the everyday drama of life that’s normally passed by.  The invisible is the picture of the world our subconscious has painted on the back corridors of our minds.  The invisible is the end result of accomplishment when we realize that everyday and every word and every motivated action is already an accomplishment.  The invisible is the pet name for the elephant in the room and the taboo topic at the dinner table.  The invisible is too good for the upper class and below the poverty line.  The invisible is the passion that runs through your blood when you are doing what you are meant to do.  The invisible is the imagination that a five-year-old still has a grasp of.  The invisible is the fact that we are human and love is our religion.  The invisible is inspiration; finding inspiration in the little wonders of life… the fuel of an artist.

- Peter Danelski,  Artistic Director 2008-2010

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