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The Vision Statement

I am a vision.

I am the scribbles and scratches on the pad that was made by the pen,

the grass that stays wishing he was them other blades on the greener side.

I am a vision that is different and yet is nearly the same as any other.


I am a vision that knows what defines him but has yet to find a ghost writer to find his true story.

I think acting is something like chicken;

So is it wrong to believe that I’m a chef in the kitchen?

Talent - 

From above it was given, passed through my mother, and out of the womb came a vision.

I am a vision that believes that the impossible is possible.

I am risen.

By goals I am driven.

I am a vision that looks ahead, remembering the past, knowing that it influences the future,

but it does not define me.

My thoughts are art that connect through the world faster than the speed of sound in a mach 4 plane.

I [paint] with my {eyes}

recite poetry through conversation.

I soliloquize on the island between East and West Broad Street.

I am  Alice, looking from the rusty mirror into the outside world.

I am the reverberations of bullets on Christmas.

I am a descendant

of Ghandi, King, X

Watch me lift every voice and sing to them the song of a vision

that explores new limits everyday.

The sky isn’t the only thing that tells night from day.

I am a vision that is not afraid of truth

Defined by love

know that, I am, that I am

I am a vision

I am MyVision.

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