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Our Mission

 MyVision Theater Ensemble believes in art completely, and even more so, the Ensemble believes that theater holds a power to be appreciated more than it often is.  Today, theater is often passed off as simple entertainment without much thought given to it as a deeper art.  Theater possesses the ability to create a new world, provide an escape from reality, and create individual meaning for everyone in the audience, and MyVision pledges to embrace that power and spread its meaning.  The ensemble provides an outlet for young artists to cultivate their art with passion and persistence.  

   The goal of MyVision is to reach out to youth and to cultivate the arts.  As student-artists, the ensemble encourages and inspires the youth of Philadelphia to speak out on the topics that demand attention in the present time, the issues affecting today’s youth, and the ideals that will shape the world we live in tomorrow. 

 The ensemble delivers its message to Philadelphia through what we know best – our art.

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